AWANA Grand Prix 2017

Each year the children in our AWANA program participate in the Grand Prix car races. That includes our Sparks (K-2nd gr) and T&T “Truth and Training” (3rd-6th gr). The children all start with a block of wood, then shape it, paint it, install wheels and add decals. This year the kids again did a great job building and racing the cars. This event also gives us an opportunity to get to know their parents and siblings. We always take time to share a clear gospel witness. A special thank you to all the AWANA workers who ministered that day to make it all possible. Enjoy the pictures!

SPEED winners: 1st place, Rylie Chodoba (Sparks); 2nd place, Carson Lijana (T&T); 3rd place, Steven Chodoba (Sparks); 4th place, Dominic Kempen (Sparks)

DESIGN winners: 1st place, Ethan Dengler (Sparks); 2nd place, Hunter Dengler (T&T); 3rd place (tie), Lilly Kempen (Sparks) & Sophia Mathews (T&T)

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