Spring Church Work Day

We are working together! Last Saturday was a huge blessing as so many men, women and teens invested their time and energy for our spring church work day. We had twenty-seven people show up to do maintenance on the church grounds and fix up the building. Everywhere you looked there was cleaning and organizing in process. We even had several folks ask when we could schedule the next work day (or two) to finish up tasks they wanted to help with. Wow! Thank the Lord.

It was also a unique day weather-wise. We had clear, blue sky and rapidly warming temperatures. But we also still had snow on the ground from the day before all around the building. We literally rolled up our shirt sleeves and brushed away the snow so we could rake up the leaves.

Church work days do not take the place of sharing the gospel with unbelievers or sharing God’s word to disciple fellow believers. But it can be a clear evidence of God’s working in people’s lives to serve with strength, unity and joy. It can also be a solid reminder that folks are embracing a stewardship of life by taking care of the physical tools God has entrusted to us to help carry out spiritual ministry.

I want to express a personal thank you to all those who participated. It was wonderful to serve together! Mike Aliano, Malachi Aliano, Donna Binando, Chuck Heichel, Judy Heichel, Gary Hodge, Beth Hodge, Jacob Ignacio, Lee Knauf, Pam Knauf, Amy Knauf, Larry Kupskey, Tom Peloquin, Betsy Peloquin, Alyssa Peloquin, Nate Peloquin, Andy Pierce, Mickey Ross, Chris Schmoe, Jesse Sewell, Monica Sewell, Josh Wiggins, Mark Wilson, Brenda Wilson, Angela Wilson, Jacob Wilson.

By His grace and for His glory,

Pastor Claude Wiggins

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