Church Home Fellowships

On April 30 and May 21 we will hold Church Home Fellowship meetings in place of our traditional Sunday evening service. You will be assigned to a location based on your Deacon Care Group (see below). This meeting is for adults, as well as children and teens. We will plan to meet at the following locations on April 30 for a time of singing, prayer, reflection on Scripture, refreshments, and enriching fellowship. I look forward to seeing you there!


Knauf, Lee & Pam (DCG: Knauf, Kupskey)

2065 N. Oxford Rd, Oxford, MI 48371

H: 248.628.5005

Wiggins, Pastor & Lynn (DCG: Aliano, Sewell)

390 Nippigon St, Oxford, MI 48371

M: 313.717.3184 (Lynn); 313.717.3185 (Pastor)







Note: The names of children and teens are not listed here only because of space. We encourage parents to bring their child or teen to the Church Home Fellowships.

Mike Aliano

Binando, Donna

Blain, Lorraine

Heichel, Chuck & Judy

Hodges, Nickey & Judy

Hodges, Micah & Tronda

Howell, Christine*

Peloquin, Tom & Betsy

St. Amour, Rick, Debbie

Thompson, Collin & Whitney

Thompson, Andrew

Thompson, Evan

Jesse Sewell

Blanchard, Kaylee

Childers, Nona

Clapsaddle, Hazel

Hodge, Gary & Beth

Ignacio, Jacob & Rachel

Knauf, Amy

Krajci, Roger & Beverly

Lijana, Jeff & Wendy

Malone, Frances

Mathews, Tammy

Peloquin, Nathan

Pierce, Andy

Ross, Mickey

Wells, Dan & Anita

Wilson, Carolyn

Lee Knauf

Anderson, Jill

Broadwater, Ellen

Featherston, Tracey

Hauch, Judy

Hummel, Kathy

Kelly, Carolyn

Knauf, Bob & Sonja

Mayes, Stephen & Gayle

Schmoe, Chris & Debbi

Simkus, John & Luanne

Steiner, Don & Marge

Thorpe, Bernice*

Wagner, Julie

Larry Kupskey

Croff, Evalyn

Graves, Gladys*

Joslyn, James

Krueger, Shelly, Tyler

Mathews, Charles

Morris, Shirley

Thompson, Lori

Thompson, Helen, Jennifer

Vanderstar, Mervin & Myrna

Wilson, Mark & Brenda

Wolle, Gary & Anne

Wolle, Sarah

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