NBT Teen Rally 2017, part 2

NBT Teen Rally 2017

Each evening we had more teens present. And each evening, after enjoying lots of fun and games, a Bible challenge was presented by our rally time evangelist, Mr. Sam. We finished the evening with lots of good food.

Wednesday was “Water Night.” We want to thank our Oxford Fire Department for assisting us again this year.

Thursday evening was “Destination Unknown.” We travelled to a church member home and had lots of vigorous outdoor competition, followed by plenty of good food. We ended the evening with a Bible challenge from our own ministry intern, Jacob Ignacio. As part of that challenge he shared his own testimony of coming to faith in Christ as a teen on the island of Guam. Several spiritual decisions were made that evening. Praise the Lord.

We hope you will enjoy some more pictures from the last half of our 2017 NBT Teen Rally week.

Wednesday evening:

Thursday evening:


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