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Our Purpose: “First Baptist Church exists to glorify God by making, maturing, and mobilizing disciples who are becoming like Jesus Christ.”

Our Process:  Discipleship is the intentional making of disciples, with accountability, based on loving relationships.  This is to be carried out by the people of God, directed by the Word of God, energized by the Spirit of God, to further the glory of God.

Our Product: In living to glorify the Lord, the most important aspect of our church ministry is the product that is produced. That product is a mature, growing disciple. We define a disciple as a believer who is becoming more like Christ by obediently growing in character, in ability to minister to others, and in efforts to help bring others to faith in Christ. He is growing in his relationship to God, with himself, with other believers, and with the world. We believe the Spirit of God produces spiritual growth as a believer sincerely and diligently practices the Christian disciplines: Bible study, prayer, stewardship, witnessing, fellowship and worship.


A complete Statement of Faith is available as a PDF file.

You can also look at individual sections listed below.

Section 1: The Scriptures

Section 2: The True God

Section 3: God the Father

Section 4: God the Son (Jesus Christ)

Section 5: God the (Holy) Spirit

Section 6: Angelic Beings

Section 7: The Fall of Man

Section 8: Salvation

Section 9: The Church

Section 10: End Times

Section 11: Separation

Section 12: Civil Government

Section 13: Creation, Life and Marriage

Section 14: Contemporary Issues


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