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We would be honored to have you join us as a guest for any of our activities, regular events, or services. We always seek to provide a friendly atmosphere and offer a warm welcome. In fact, we would like to get started now so things already seem a bit more familiar when you arrive.

Questions welcome! We will try hard to avoid using unfamiliar language, but if there is something you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate to ask. We love good questions…really!

Parking is available all the way around the building. We keep several parking spots reserved for guests nearest the main entrance by the carport (west side).

Entering the building. Whether you use the main entrance (west side) or the back entrance (east side), please come to the main lobby located on the upper level. We will have greeters available to assist you and any family members with whatever needs you may have. The greeter won’t just point you in the right direction, but will be happy to personally show you the way.

Restrooms. We currently have restrooms on both upper and lower levels. For now, the main level restroom (family) is located adjacent to the church office. There is a mens’ room and ladies room on the lower level, where all the children’s classrooms and the fellowship hall are located. We hope to do a major renovation of our restroom facilities in the near future.

Nursery. We operate a nursery for all Sunday services for children from birth up to three years of age. The nursery is located on the main level just across the foyer from our auditorium. Dedicated restroom facilities for children in the nursery are immediately accessible.

Classrooms. Our adult Bible class meets during Sunday school in the overflow classroom behind the auditorium. Our children’s classes meet on the lower level. The doors are clearly marked by a room number and the age group that meets there, either for Sunday school or AWANA on Wednesday evening. Our teens meets in their own dedicated classroom space, outdoors in the annex building. It is equipped with casual furniture and recreational equipment.

Auditorium. The doors to the auditorium are located near the main entrance (west side, by carport). An usher will be glad to hand you a copy of the “bulletin,” which contains an order of service and announcements for the week. Ushers will also be happy to assist you with finding a seat.

Worship Services. Our worship services usually last just over an hour. That time is filled with music (congregational singing & musical presentations), prayer (led by the pastor or another church leader), Scripture reading, and preaching. Our singing will make use of several sources, (1) our hymnal, and (2) newer songs in Hymns Modern & Ancient. We will often project words on the screen for singing or Scripture reading.

What to Wear. We do not have a dress code. You will find folks wearing a wide variety of clothing. You will see men wearing blue jeans and a polo, or dockers and a dress shirt, and some in a suit and tie. You will also find ladies wearing slacks or dresses.

Bible. You are welcome to use whatever translation of the Scriptures you choose. If you need a Bible to follow along during the preaching, you will find a copy at either end of every seating row. In the bulletin, under the order of service section, it will usually list the page number in the pew Bible for the sermon text that morning. There is also a table of contents at the front of each pew Bible.

Offering/collection. We do receive a voluntary offering from our members and regular attenders during each Sunday service. We don’t want our guests to ever feel pressured to participate in this part of the service.

Greeting our guests. We try to personally greet all our guests and share a welcome packet with them before the beginning of the service. Near the beginning of the service, we also try to provide a general welcome to anyone who may be our guest that day. We NEVER single out or embarrass anyone. If we weren’t able to greet each of our guests in advance, we may ask guests to simply lift a hand so the ushers can quietly present them with a welcome packet (if they haven’t received one before the service begins). It contains some valuable information about the church. It also has a guest registration card which we kindly ask you to fill out and drop in the offering plate or hand to an usher. We use that information so we can send a thank you note to each person who has taken the time to worship with us. You will also find a Communication Card located in the pew rack near the hymnals. These cards can be used by any guest or member to connect with the church leadership (e.g. asking questions, requesting a contact, sharing a prayer request, etc.). We want to make sure we are always accessible, even if we are busy.


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