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This page is dedicated to providing up-to-date information and valuable resources to support you in your ministry with our children.




T&T Small Group Teacher Training

PDF file     Teacher Classtime training (handout) by Pastor Claude Wiggins, October 7, 2016

Video         Teacher Classtime training (10:26, YouTube) by Pastor Claude Wiggins, October 7, 2016


T&T Resource Bundle

The T&T Resource Bundle contains materials provided by AWANA  to help workers who are teaching in the Large Group (Council Time). It includes downloadable PowerPoint presentations, printable worksheets, and audio resources.


AWANA 2016 Workers Meeting (September 9th, 7:00-8:30 p.m.)

Handout (inc. nightly schedule, annual calendar, list of workers, etc.)

Guest presenter, Rick Stomps, AWANA missionary for SE Michigan

Training video, part 1 (37 min.)

Training video, part 2 (31 min.) Skip break time, 10:00-15:45

Training video, part 3 (22 min.)


Additional Resources provided by AWANA missionary, Rick Stomps:

T&T Grace in Action–update overview (a PowerPoint PDF explaining the reasons for the changes and the resulting benefits)

See the full T&T Lesson Schedule 2017-2018.

T&T Curriculum (4 year launch cycle)

2016-2017            Year 1    book 1 (gr 3-6)       Mission: Grace in Action

2017-2018            Year 2    book 2 (gr 3-6)       Mission: Evidence of Grace

2018-2019            Year 3    book 1 (gr. 3-4); book 3 (gr. 5-6)                TBD

2019-2020            Year 4    book 2 (gr. 3-4); book 4 (gr. 5-6)                TBD


T&T Grace in Action–YouTube training videos (recorded in a local church by AWANA missionary, Rick Stomps)

Video #     Title                                              YouTube links                                   Time              

1                Missionary Helps                          10:20

2                Advantages                                   7:14

3                Transitioning                                9:00

4                Schedule, Overview, Etc           11:10

5                A Club Night – Basics                13:56

6                Small Group Time                        10:21

7                Real Demo with Kids                   16:10

8                Real Kids Response to Demo        1:44

9                Memory Games Small Group           13:58

10              Large Group Time                      22:29

11              Comments from pilot church         6:25

You can also search online for … Awana SE Michigan T&T Grace in Action

Awana SE Michigan—Rick Stomps, missionary; Rachel Gingell, presenter